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Rxhuabo Exhibitions Provides Analysis on China's Gifts Industry

 11/09/2020       Rxhuabo

SHENZHEN, China, March 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To help more the clients to know about now and the future, focusing on big data's digging and exploring, Rxhuabo--China (Shenzhen) International Gift Fairs Organizer now gives a thorough analysis about the Gifts Industry Market.

1.As consumption upgrading, population growth and other factors boosted the consumption in China's FMCG market, the consumption began to recover in 2017 despite the continuous declined. Its major consumer is concentrated in the middle class and the younger generation, the pursuit of a healthy and convenient quality of life is main trending.

2.In China, gifts mainly include business and welfare gifts. To the products wholesaler, the most valuable information is to have a clear understanding of the industry data, the post of purchasers, the consumption data of users, feedback, etc.

3.Gifts services suppliers started to enter the New Retail field. For the middle class, consumption has shifted from Taobao to Tik Tok, from price to quality. For the company, different types of companies have different requirements for products, so one should know the type of company to recommend appropriate gifts.

4.Rigid demand, high frequency and pain spots are the six-word rules to select good products. For example, FMCG products to meet basic physiological needs, trunks to meet quality life, etc. In 2017, the top five of the most popular in China's business gift market are trunks, household items, digital electronics, personal health and small home appliances.

Looking forward to predicting the future as well as the consumption trend, mobile electronics related products and products that improve the quality of private life will be set off a new consumption trend. Only by focusing on consumers, continuous consumption upgrading and seizing New Retail opportunities can suppliers stand on a firm footing.


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