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1. For the sake of good order at the exhibitions organized by RX huabo Exhibitions Co., Ltd (the Fair), in order to promote awareness of intellectual property rights, the Organizer has laid down rules and regulations governing the handling of complaints relating to intellectual copyright infringement. These rules and regulations form part of the rules and conditions for participation in the Fair.

2. Exhibitors must ensure that their exhibits do not infringe other parties’ intellectual property rights, and that they will indemnify the Organizer for any loss or damage that the Organizer may suffer as a result of their infringement of intellectual property.

3. The Organizer will receive complaint from exhibitors during the Fair and will handle complaints as stated below. The Organizer has the right to ask exhibitor to leave the fairground if they seek to settle intellectual property right infringement problem with other exhibitors directly themselves without going through the Organizer.

4. By lodging the complaint to the Organizer, the exhibitor agrees to abide by the rules and procedure as laid down by the Organizer for settling dispute. Once the complaint is received by the Organizer, the exhibitor that lodges the complaint will relieve the Organizer of all liability in relation to handling such complaint.

 Complaint Procedure

1. The Organizer will set up a Committee (“the Committee”) to deal with intellectual property right complaints.

2. The party that lodges the complaint will have to complete a complaint form and they will need to produce evidence of intellectual property ownership.

3. The Committee will look into the complaint within one hour of receipt of complaint and will handle it in the following manner:

 The party that complains will make its case;

 The party being complained will be asked to defend and to produce any evidence in support of defense within 4 hours;

 The two parties will conduct their dialogue;

 The Committee will try to assist in reaching a settlement;

 The Committee will make its decision.

4. The Committee has the right to ask the party being complained about to immediately remove its exhibits if:

 The party that submits the complaint makes a request;

 The party that submits the complaint agrees to provide a guarantee whose amount is not lower than the value of exhibits that infringe copyright;

 There is clear evidence of copyright infringement, and conclusion of copyright infringement is clearly established.

5. The settlement is complete if the dispute is mutually settled between the two parties. A settlement record should be made by the two parties concerned upon settlement of dispute.

6. If no settlement is made by the two parties, the Committee will make its verdict before the close of the Fair:

 That the complaint is not valid, or there is insufficient evidence to support the complaint, the Committee will inform the party that lodges the complaint of its verdict and will give its reasons;

 That the complaint has its case and there is enough evidence to support the complaint, in which case the Committee will ask the defendant to remove its exhibit. The Organizer has the right to terminate the exhibition right of the party being complained immediately without compensation.

7. The Committee will make its decision accordance with opinions of its members, whose opinions as well as how the complaint is being settled should be documented.




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